The Young Living Mona Utah Lavender Farm

Young Living Mona, Utah Lavender Farm picture

Seeing the Seed to Seal Process in person!     In June 2014, I had the awesome privilege to visit the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah. I went two days- One was just for Distributors following the Young Living Grand Convention and then the next day-which happened to be the Lavender Days. A […]

Young Living has farms all over the world

Young Living Global Farms   One thing that sets Young Living apart is that it owns 6 of it’s own farms where they grow the plants needed to make essential oils. They also have distilleries at the farms for close proximity so that there is less risk of contamination from travel and able to be […]

What is Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?


When talking about therapeutic essential oils, what does it mean? How do I know I am getting quality oils? Lets ask some questions on what a therapeutic grade oil should be… Are the fragrances subtle, rich, organic, and delicate? Are they distilled in small batches, rather than processed on a large-scale? Does your supplier send […]

Quality of Young Living Essential Oils

What makes Young Living differ from other essential oil businesses? The quality and care put into the product before it even reaches the end consumer. There are 5 steps each final product must go through before it can be sold. 1. Seed Potent essential oils come from plant species that have been authenticated by Young […]