The Young Living Mona Utah Lavender Farm

Seeing the Seed to Seal Process in person!


Young Living Mona, Utah Lavender Farm picture

Young Living Mona, Utah Lavender Farm @ Clarinda Olenslager


In June 2014, I had the awesome privilege to visit the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah. I went two days- One was just for Distributors following the Young Living Grand Convention and then the next day-which happened to be the Lavender Days. A big event, open to the public, that includes a morning 5K run through the lavender fields.

I got to see the Seeds, Plant and Distill Process of the four step process of Young Living’s Seed to Seal Process to guarantee a high quality product where they are truly 100% Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils.


seed graphic

Step one: SEED @Clarinda Olenslager


Seed 2 photo

Seed Process of Young Living @Clarinda Olenslager


Plant photo

Step 2 of the Young Living Seed to Seal Process. @Clarinda Olenslager

Here my best friend and fellow Young Living Member Marcy DePew and I planting lavender at the farm. We were grateful to have the chance to plant lavender and be a part of the Seed to Seal Process. Maybe someday we will be using the oils distill from the plants we planted.

Planting Lavender at the YL farm photo

Planting Lavender @Clarinda Olenslager

My family was also allowed to plant. My husband planted most of the lavender plants given to our family and he even hoed the beginning of the row.

planting lavender at farm photo

Husband planting Lavender @Clarinda Olenslager



Distillery photo

Distilling Young Living plants

That day they were distilling Juniper and German Chamomile at the farm.

Young Living Distillery photo

Young Living Distillery @Clarinda Olenslager

We really enjoyed touring the farm and seeing so much. We were able to purchase Lavender Ice Cream and walk around the farm. They had many animals including the horses. We were able to talk a horse drawn carriage ride around the farm. We also saw the testing grounds of many different plants.


Carriage photo

Touring the Farm in a horse drawn carriage. @Clarinda Olenslager


plant photo

One of the plants on the Testing Fields @Clarinda Olenslager

You actually have the opportunity to visit the farm since it is open to visitors.

Would you love to see the Young Living Seed to Seal Process in action?

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I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oil products over 5 years ago but at that time I had no interest. I didn't understand that they could have been more then fragrances. Then I started researching natural health. In December of 2011 I was looking for essential oils that were safe to use in food. I was on a strict diet that didn't allow certain sugars, no grains, very few dairy products and other restrictions. I was looking to flavor my food with pure essential oils to add variety to my diet. One of my best friends had started talking about how amazing the Young Living essential oils were for her family and I was hooked. I purchase the Everyday Kit in January 2012. I slowly started using them but now I can't live without them, they have helped our family out so much.

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    Wow looks like a great place to visit! Would be a great field trip for the kids! Im only just starting to explore the world of essential oils recently so its all new to me. Thanks for posting!

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