Young Living has farms all over the world

Young Living Global Farms


One thing that sets Young Living apart is that it owns 6 of it’s own farms where they grow the plants needed to make essential oils. They also have distilleries at the farms for close proximity so that there is less risk of contamination from travel and able to be distilled as soon as possible making a fresh essential oil.

Finca Botanica Aromatica Guayaquil, Ecuador

Growing everything from eucalyptus blue to lemongrass to palo santo, Finca Botanica Aromatica boasts 2,000 acres of fertile ground and a state-of-the-art distillery. This farm is also proving to be the perfect place to harvest oils that are in short supply throughout the world, such as helichrysum, which is renowned for its restorative properties.

Sacred Frankincense Distillery in Oman

Solely devoted to cultivating the Boswellia sacra tree, the Salalah Farm distills precious Frankincense oil, known for its uplifting spiritual properties. Young Living is the first and only company in the world to obtain permission to export this revered oil to the Western world.

Young Living Lavender Farm in St. Maries, Idaho

Pure soil and a pristine natural setting surrounded by evergreen forest make St. Maries an ideal location for cultivating and harvesting lavender, melissa, and tansy. Open to distributors for the summer lavender harvest and the winter balsam harvest. Open to the public for distillery tours. Call 208-245-2745.

Young Living Lavender Farm in Simiane France

Located in rolling hills of Provence amid fragrant fields of herbs, our Simiane-la-Rotonde Farm produces lavender, lavandin, rosemary, and clary sage.

Highland Flats Tree Farm Idaho, U.S.

Growing acres of balsam fir, pine, Western red cedar, and other species renowned for their beneficial properties, our Highland Flats farm is nestled in the rural hamlet of Naples, Idaho. Open to distributors for the winter harvest and the spring reforestation project.

Young Living Lavender Farms including Mona, Utah.

The largest herb farm and distillery in the world, our Whispering Springs farm in Mona, Utah, features nearly 1,400 acres of fragrant herbs.

The annual Run Through The Lavender 5k is hosted here and you can also learn more with their essential oils classes, see how they distill their plants with a distillery tour, enjoy wagon rides, small animal farm visits and paddleboat cruises. The farm is open all year round to visitors. You can reach them by phone at (800) 371-0819.

Which farm would you be interested in visiting?

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I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oil products over 5 years ago but at that time I had no interest. I didn't understand that they could have been more then fragrances. Then I started researching natural health. In December of 2011 I was looking for essential oils that were safe to use in food. I was on a strict diet that didn't allow certain sugars, no grains, very few dairy products and other restrictions. I was looking to flavor my food with pure essential oils to add variety to my diet. One of my best friends had started talking about how amazing the Young Living essential oils were for her family and I was hooked. I purchase the Everyday Kit in January 2012. I slowly started using them but now I can't live without them, they have helped our family out so much.

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