Anointing The Family Oils team group giveaway

June’s Team Giveaway!

NOTE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS ONLY FOR MY ANOINTING THE FAMILY YOUNG LIVING DISTRIBUTORS. IF you happened on this post, sign up as a distributor under my or my team members number and you will be able to enter this giveaway.  

Every month we will have goals in the Facebook group. Now you can be rewarded with an entry into this giveaway. Each months prize will change and the price range will be between $50-150. Almost each entry will have the option to redeem daily. This contest will start at the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.  


Congrats to the winner for winning May’s giveaway!
Prize goes to Marshawn S and she is receiving an Drink To Your Health Prize pack.

For the month of June, the winner will receive a special reference book from Life Science Publishers.

This contest will start June 1st at 12am PST and ends July 1st at 12am PST.

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I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oil products over 5 years ago but at that time I had no interest. I didn't understand that they could have been more then fragrances. Then I started researching natural health. In December of 2011 I was looking for essential oils that were safe to use in food. I was on a strict diet that didn't allow certain sugars, no grains, very few dairy products and other restrictions. I was looking to flavor my food with pure essential oils to add variety to my diet. One of my best friends had started talking about how amazing the Young Living essential oils were for her family and I was hooked. I purchase the Everyday Kit in January 2012. I slowly started using them but now I can't live without them, they have helped our family out so much.

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    It is just amazing to me, that at first, I did not like, and even disliked the aroma of some of the oils. In less than a week, I noticed that changed from alomost craving them like one would crave food. I realized that must be my body telling me, it needs them, I struggle with anxiety/depression, and the oil I crave the most is Frankincense and Joy!

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